What’s The Cost Of Your Price?

One of the most common mistakes consumers make in today’s economy is the assumption that “cost” and “price” are interchangeable. They seem so similar but are in fact vastly different. When we consider the cost of a product or service, this encompasses the entire financial spend for something over the course of its lifetime. Price is simply how many dollars one must part with to obtain ownership. The price of a used vehicle, for instance, maybe $1,500.00 but the cost of that vehicle grows to include maintenance, fuel, property tax, etc. Maybe the transmission is almost gone, or the headlamps soon need replacing; these are the ongoing expenses that are captured in the term cost and often overlooked when one has tunnel vision focused on price alone. This same formula should be applied to any good or service one is considering. But hey, this is a blog about concrete so let’s focus on that for a moment.

So, you’ve got a concrete project in front of you. Maybe it’s a repair job to your drive, or walk. Perhaps you’ve reached a point where you want that slab of downstairs to look more warm and welcoming. Maybe the sunroom just needs to give you the feeling of relaxation rather than a trip to solitary as you walk its floor. Whatever the project may be, here are some points to consider.

What’s the reputation of the concrete contractor you’re entertaining? Can they provide a good solid list of satisfied customers like Concrete Contractors WA can? Have they taken the time to show you their portfolio (even if you didn’t ask to see it)? Let’s face it, folks, do you trust them? A contractor’s reputation has a large bearing on the cost. If you have to be present to manage the job they do, you’ve just added cost to the job. Your time is valuable.

What materials will be used in your project? Certainly, there are ways to shave pricing by using less expensive materials, but any reputable business person knows the truth in “Cheap work ain’t good and good work ain’t cheap”. Cost is driven through the roof with cheaper materials and the repairs that surface quickly from having used them. So ask your contractor about their materials. Ask for the tech specs, what’s the life expectancy, warranty, etc. The pros at Concrete Contractors WA have no shadows to hide in. We’ll tell you exactly what we use and why.

Who’s working on your project? Often the salesman is finished with the scheduling of the job. The owner is sending out the least expensive labor he can find. With Concrete Contractors WA you stand a good chance of having the owner himself on site. Because our reputation is tied to every square inch of concrete we work, you can rest knowing we’ve factored in all the future things which could drive up costs for you.

Moisture Concerns With Your Project

Your budget concerns (getting you every ounce of bang for the buck)
Scheduling the job so even if you aren’t able to be there, you’ll know EXACTLY what’s going on every day until the job is done
Communication with you, following up after the work is done, communicating with you and then maybe communicating some more.

Listening to your requests, showing you samples, and discussing your expectations. Letting you know in the front end exactly what to expect as we help you navigate through the decisions about your project. You’re going to actually learn something through the process.

There are many factors to consider when one begins to calculate the actual cost of goods and services. The difference between a good contractor like Concrete Contractors WA and others is the fact that we’ll help you find and track each one. You’ll know and understand that while the price may be slightly higher, in the long run, you’ve kept your costs down by having it done well the first time.

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What’s The Cost Of Your Price?


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