Concrete Repair Products

No matter how well a concrete driveway is constructed originally, it eventually will need maintenance to keep it performing as intended. There are several products that can be purchased and used by homeowners that make driveway maintenance and repair a quick and easy job. These products include crack sealers, pre-mixed concrete bags, and pressure washers.

Crack Sealers

The biggest enemy of concrete driveways and pavement is water. Water destroys the base structure under the concrete once it is allowed to penetrate that area of the structure. Water gains access under the concrete through cracks. It is essential to keep cracks sealed to keep moisture out of the base material to extend the life of the pavement. Many companies make a driveway crack sealer that can be applied similarly to caulk. They come in tubes and can be squeezed out in a bead along the crack. The crack sealer will expand and fill the hole to keep the water out of the base. These sealers are easy to use, but homeowners need to make sure they purchase one intended for concrete and not asphalt. Additionally, most sealers will have a minimum temperature at which they need to be applied, usually 65 degrees Fahrenheit. If the air temperature is below that level, the sealer will not work properly.

Pre-Mixed Concrete Sacks

A common way to replace small to medium areas of damaged concrete is the use of pre-mixed concrete sacks. A homeowner can reasonably remove and replace an area of concrete between one and twenty square feet that has been damaged. Pre-mixed bags of concrete has the cement, sand, and aggregate needed for concrete already mixed together in the right portions. All that is required is adding water and pouring the concrete in place. It is important to ensure that a firm base is present under the new concrete being placed and that a good, clean border is provided all the way around the new concrete pour. Anchoring epoxy should be used as well along the existing edges of concrete to keep the new concrete adjacent to the existing concrete over time.

Pressure Washers

While a pressure washer is not considered a pavement tool, it is an essential part of keeping a concrete driveway in top condition. Concrete gathers oil, dirt, grease, and many other foreign materials over time. These materials tend to discolor the pavement. A pressure washer can quickly remedy this situation by blasting the grime away. A mild solution of bleach or soap can be mixed into some washers to help cut through the grease and oil to expose the bare concrete. Once the pressure washer is finished, the concrete can be sealed to extend the life of the pavement.

Concrete driveways are a long-lasting part of any property. However, over time they require some maintenance and repair. A few simple products will help every homeowner maintain their concrete and keep it looking great for years into the future.

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