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Our epoxy floor coatings come in many colors and are available with vinyl chips which give it a granite look. Were experts at installing epoxy garage floor coatings. Imagine in just a few short days you’re worn out nasty looking garage floor will be rejuvenated and beautiful once again with your epoxy coating. Best of all if a vehicle leaks oil on your epoxy coating it’s an easy cleanup. And will not stain your epoxy floor coating so when you’re ready called experts in epoxy garage floor coating that would be us 1ST choice store solutions.

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    At Concrete Contractors WA we use our employees to install concrete floor coatings. We do not sub any of or work out. There’s many steps and properly applying garage for epoxy we’ve done thousands of them and we have a system of getting them done right the first time. We offer a limited lifetime warranty on all epoxy garage floor coatings. On materials and labor.

    We here at first choice store solutions are licensed bonded and insured Seattle contractors.

    Our Seattle concrete services are meant to be investment…so take care of them.  It is important for people to clean their concrete and masonry surfaces by power washing and sealing them on a regular basis. Our goal is to provide you with a high quality experience from start to finish.  We try and educate our customers about our concrete products and application  methods as much as possible to insure a quality, comfortable experience.  Design ideas are encouraged in order to better meet your needs. 

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    Here we will be giving you lots of useful information and tips relating to concrete floor coating. When you leave a concrete floor unprotected and uncoated it can become an incredibly dangerous surface to work on. If you work in a garage, grease and oil build up can become a fire hazard and give out dangerous fumes in enclosed spaces. If you work within an industrial setting and use chemicals like acid descaler, an unsealed concrete floor will absorb any spilt chemical and anyone working within the environment will be exposed to those fumes and skin irritations. It is easy to apply concrete sealer once you know which one you need for the environment you will be using it in. Sometimes you may need to apply several coats to get the result you need, but the maintenance after it has dried will be very low and your health and safety levels will improve.

    Here are just a few places you can use concrete floor coating:

    In your garage at home

    Many people like to use sealant to protect their garage floor, regardless of whether or not they use it much. It makes for a much cleaner storage space and can also enable you to use the space as an office or working area. If you use the garage for your car or to work on a vehicle it’s a great way to stop any stains from being absorbed into the floor. Oil and petrol stains can be unsightly and if you use a heavy duty degreaser or cleaning agent while you work the residue can also be very dirty, so it’s best to protect the floor where possible using a concrete sealer.

    In an industrial kitchen

    Where strong chemicals are used like acid descaler, and hygiene is of the utmost importance, sealants are used to maintain high cleanliness standards. Without sealants bacteria can grow in the pores of the concrete and dust particles can spread. Within a kitchen, sealants will be used in all areas, each containing different properties depending on what the area is used for. For example; in a freezer a quick dry sealant will be used that is able to withstand extremely low temperatures.

    In a shop

    In some shops carpet or laminate isn’t an option so concrete sealer is used instead. It can come coloured or tinted and look just as attractive as a laid floor.

    Why We’re Superior:

    At Concrete Contractors WA, we use only the finest materials available. We also prepare your garage floor with the highest standards in the industry. After an initial cleaning, we thoroughly machine sand the floor to ensure maximum adhesion. We then vacuum the garage so that it is completely free of debris. After that, a damp mop is used to open the pores of the cement, allowing the layer of paint to form a deep bond with the concrete. We then broadcast vinyl chips randomly to create your desired look. Once the floor is completely dried, a clear coat finish is applied. Call today for a free, no hassle estimate on your garage floor!

    Epoxy is a stain and dust resistant coating you can put on your garage floor to enhance the look of your garage as well as provide incredible durability. Epoxy flooring is great for all types of garage activities. If you work on your car in the garage, epoxy provides a worry-free surface that is easy to clean so you don’t have to worry about nasty oil stains. If you only wish to park in your garage, epoxy is nice because you can easily wipe up oil, grease, gas, antifreeze, and other substances that might leak from your car. Cleaning is simple. You can hose your epoxy floor down or for stubborn stains, use a mild detergent and mop.

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    A driveway extension followed by a beautiful entertaining patio, we are proud repeat customers. Their professionalism, knowledge and artistic eye have been nothing but impressive. They have turned our visions into a reality far beyond our expectations. High quality work. R & M Enterprises is highly recommended by our family.
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    We had an emergency fix. Getting it fixed fast was important. R&M; came out within 2 days and took care of it. The work was for my aging mother, she is on a fixed income. R&M; gave us a good price on the work and did a great job.

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