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Your driveway is often the final item that gets completed during the building construction of your new home, and for many of us our homes will be the largest investment you will make. This is why it is so important to hire the professionals to create a driveway that will work in with your current design and layout of your home. There are many different styles and features that you can choose from for your driveway, and our trained staff will be able to show you all the options and help you choose the right one for your situation

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    Impressive options available for your Seattle driveway!

    Many homeowners in Seattle select coloured concrete for their driveways, picking from the many colours available. It is better to select a dyed concrete rather than an acid stained one, as the colour will be more uniform throughout the entire installation, and not simply giving a “marbled” look as an acid stain would. Concrete Contractors WA can offer homeowners in Seattle a large variety to choose from. This allows you to match the driveway to the colour palette of your home and landscape.

    Choose from a range of modern patterns for your concrete driveway

    Colour is not the only design choice – homeowners can also select different concrete patterns for the driveway. One very popular pattern is stamping. When concrete is stamped it is made to look like brick, tile, flagstone, and sometimes wood. The pattern is stamped into fresh concrete, making the installation look like something fancier. Homeowners can thus achieve the look of stone, brick, or tiles without having to deal with the high cost and maintenance that comes with these options.

    The colour selected and the stamp or pattern chosen can complement each other to create a fancy or traditional look for your home. You can also add different kinds of patterns depending on what you want to express; these methods include engraving and stenciling. If your driveway has cracks in it, you can mask them by working them into the pattern, perhaps making the concrete resemble stone.

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    Installing your new concrete driveway

    Installing concrete is quite easy. In the first step, coloured or colourless concrete is poured. While the concrete is still fresh, it is stamped with the pattern you have selected. Though stamped concrete is especially good for driveways, it is also used in other projects, such as patios, courtyards, pool decks, and more.

    Installing concrete can be difficult for the homeowner who doesn’t have the skills, experience, and tools to do the job right. If hiring a contractor to do the work, make sure he or she is skilled at creating the secure foundation below the driveway. A faulty sub-base will compromise the structural integrity of the entire project, potentially leading to the concrete cracking. Thus, the contractor needs to take a lot of care to properly install the foundation of the driveway.

    If you are based in Sydney then our qualified, professional contractors can look after your new concrete driveway ensuring your sub-base is done correctly the first time. Be sure to check out our outrageous triple guarantee so you know you’ll be satisfied with the end result.

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    concrete driveway repair Seattle

    When a driveway develops defects, homeowners want a concrete driveway repair contractor who can quickly perform repairs under a set budget without defects. There are many problems that can develop on a concrete driveway, including cracks and pock-marks, which can necessitate the assistance of a concrete repair contractor.

    There are many things that concrete contractors can do to maximize the lifespan of the driveway so that homeowners do not have to replace their driveways anytime soon. One option is to use concrete slabs that are very strong. Also, the driveway should not be repaired during extreme weather conditions. Driveways should not be worked on during a cold winter or a hot summer.

    Homeowners should choose concrete contractors that have a lot of experience. Concrete contractors who have been in business for a long period of time will obviously be doing something right, especially since the problems that result from a shabby repair job will not be immediately apparent.

    Some concrete driveway repair contractors will get behind on the project for one of several reasons. One of the main reasons why a project is held up is because the contractor does not maintain a full inventory of supplies and equipment and instead relies on rentals. As a result, the contractor might run out of supplies or equipment and the project will be held up. The best way to avoid this is to ask the contractor about the inventory that they hold.

    We re the bewst Concrete Driveways Contractors

    When you are looking for a concrete driveway repair company, you will want to find a company that has excellent customer service. The last thing you want is a company that will not be available when you need it and that will not treat you like you are the only customer.

    Concrete repair contractors should be fully licensed and carry both workmen’s compensation insurance and liability insurance. Workmen’s compensation insurance covers labor in case someone gets hurt. Liability insurance covers damages that the contractor causes to the homeowner’s property.

    When the property owner is ready to go through with the contract, they will sign a written contract that will include all the details of the project. This allows the homeowner to know everything that is involved in the contract. Homeowners should read the contract all the way through and ask questions whenever they find a part of the contract that they do not understand.

    It never hurts to do a little research into the latest concrete repair techniques. Newer methods are always being developed and homeowners will want to find out the methods that the concrete repair company will use. If the concrete repair company is using outdated methods, the homeowner should ask why. Older methods are sometimes less efficient, driving the costs up. For example, concrete cracks can be repaired by ripping the slab up and replacing it. However, it can be more efficient to use a concrete resurfacing option.

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    At Concrete Contractors WA, we place a strong focus in meeting the demands of any project; whether it be a small concrete project or a bigger industrial concrete project, satisfaction is a guarantee.

    Our Concrete Contractors has the right focus, experience, and personnel to provide the best service in the Seattle concrete industry.  With over 10 years of experience in the construction field, Discovery Concrete takes into account qualified employees and staff to deliver every project successfully. Our experience gives us an accurate perspective and construction-minded approach to each concrete and construction project we undertake.

    Our experience in foundation work is extensive.

    Trust Concrete Contractors WA to get your concrete foundation and concrete footing installed properly the first time. We are the concrete contractor you can depend on for the very best work at the most reasonable prices. Talk to one of our friendly experts today and learn more about our wide range of residential and commercial concrete work. Call our offices today!

    Choosing the right concrete contractor for your commercial or residential project is critical to its success. You need to know you’re working with a professional that has the expertise and background to perform the work accurately

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    first of all this is a great group of guys that work really hard. I love all the work they did for us they work really hard and do the job right the first time and in a timely matter cant wait to have them come back to do more work for me soon I got a new patio and the side of my yard done with concrete and they did a stamped patio and tow tone for me love it
    Donald Hunter
    A driveway extension followed by a beautiful entertaining patio, we are proud repeat customers. Their professionalism, knowledge and artistic eye have been nothing but impressive. They have turned our visions into a reality far beyond our expectations. High quality work. R & M Enterprises is highly recommended by our family.
    Mike Hughes
    We had an emergency fix. Getting it fixed fast was important. R&M; came out within 2 days and took care of it. The work was for my aging mother, she is on a fixed income. R&M; gave us a good price on the work and did a great job.

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    Concrete Driveways

    Concrete Driveways

    Does the present unkempt condition of your depleted, weed-filled, and discolored concrete driveway make you feel embarrassed about calling your friends and colleagues home? Does the presence of cracks and fissures on your driveway often make you stumble? Probably now is the right time to take up that home improvement project and give your home a swanky new concrete driveway.

    Here is why you should provide your homes with concrete driveways

    Concrete driveways are permanent inclusion to your homes which are easy to maintain and can instantly change the façade of your home making it appear more inviting. Apart from the great looks of concrete driveways, they should be added to your home as a concrete driveway would provide your kids with ample place to play and run around safely. Concrete driveways would also keep your lawn safe from erosion and you could even double up your concrete driveway into a car wash area without worrying about the damage cleaners and waters can cause to the concrete driveway surface.

    Steps to help you plan and complete a DIY concrete driveway project

    Many of us are scared of getting a concrete driveway for our homes because they are labor-intensive projects and hence can therefore prove to be extremely expensive. However, if you are a handy person who likes to build things then you can give your home a beautiful concrete driveway by constructing concrete driveways all by yourself with some added help from friends and family. Here are simple steps that would help you with your DIY concrete driveway construction:

    1. Concrete driveways construction step 1:- The first thing to keep in mind when deciding to renovate your concrete driveway is to decide on your budget. It is essential that you get the cost estimates before you finally get down to the business of planning, designing, and constructing concrete driveways. Make a list of all the tools and materials which you will need to complete concrete driveways construction and also find out the cost of labors and equipment which you would need to hire.
    2. Concrete driveways construction step 2:- a proper plan should be in place before you begin with any construction project and concrete driveway construction is no different. Come up with a concrete driveway plan so that your driveway is not only aesthetically appealing but is also extremely functional. Also, check the quality of the soil where you plan to construct a concrete driveway. Check that the soil is not spongy and that the area doesn’t need filling before you start the construction of concrete driveways. Beautiful concrete driveways would surely impress all your home visitors and would also add to the value of your property.
    3. Concrete driveways construction step 3:- Finally you have decided the budget and have a concrete driveways construction plan in place but the most important thing to check is whether your building codes allow you to construct a concrete driveway. You need to take permission from building officials so that you do not have to pay any penalties later on.
    4. Concrete driveways construction step 4 – you can now begin concrete driveway construction based on your design and layout plan.

    Some other factors to be taken into account during concrete driveway construction is that this kind of driveway may not be successful in all places especially in regions that experience extreme climatic variation. Excessive cold or icing can cause your concrete driveways to develop cracks. Also working with concrete is not easy as concrete driveway should be constructed as soon as the mixture is prepared else you would experience difficulty in the setting. Therefore it is better to keep all these factors in mind when deciding to go for a concrete driveway.


    Keep these tips in mind and go ahead with the DIY concrete driveway construction project and see the change it can bring about in your home.

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