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We are a Professional Concrete countertops Contractors Seattle and Concrete Contractors WA is a proud customer-focused Concrete Contracting company, serving the Seattle, Wa and surrounding areas, that specializes in new foundation and concrete construction for industrial and residential projects. From driveways, porches, and steps, garage floors to pool decks, patios, Patio, Slab, RECYCLING, Foundation and more. Resurface your existing concrete with our premium coatings. We provide reliable services for your residential or commercial property.

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    Welcome to the Concrete Countertops Design Build Center where your countertops are only limited to your imagination. Dream Big!


    The great advantage of using concrete is that you truly have unlimited options allowing your imagination to run wild.

    No more deciding your color based on someone’s limited color selection.  Your selection is unlimited with us.

    Freedom to chose the exact edge and edge thickness.  If you want a thin edge or an edge that makes your counter top look like a massive slab taken off the pyramids in Egypt.


    You can be sure that your custom piece will be one of a kind. Even if someone has the same size and picked the same color as you, there’s no way it can be identical. Your counter top is as unique as your very own finger print.


    You’re uniqueness is your Brand! Custom Concrete allows you to Brand your countertop with your Passion. Whether your Passion is your business, your hobby or a great achievement, the Design Center can brand your countertop in a way that will leave a lasting impression on all that see it.


    Technology has changed the world and we at the Design Center are here to take your Tech needs and incorporate them into your unique masterpiece!

    Need to hide structured cabling, AV wires, Security Integration cabling or add design elements like fiber optics that light up your countertop or bar top? All of your needs can be met at the Design Center.

    Our Concrete Services


    Garage Floor Repair

    We can repair your garage floor or remove your old garage floor and pour a brand-new floor for your garage that will make you proud and improve the value of your home.


    Garage Floor Replacement

    Seattle Concrete Contractors can remove your old garage floor and pour a brand-new floor for your garage that will make you proud and improve the value of your home.


    Garage Floor Coatings

    If You are thinking about tiles in Your garage, this is not recommended. We install long-lasting garage floor coatings to meet every homeowners’ needs.


    Paving / Parking Lot

    If you are in need of parking lot fixture, expansion, or ground-up construction, Discovery Concrete Contractors can be entrusted to meet that purpose as well. Our staff has the proper training to deliver quality results.


    New Foundation

    In order to have a solid structure, the existence of a stable foundation is of the outmost importance. Discovery Concrete Contractors provides the expertise and the knowledge to solve any unstable or weak foundation


    Concrete Patios

    Concrete is tough, durable and incredibly versatile; and a concrete patio is the perfect way to elevate the look of any landscape while helping to create an elegant and functional outdoor living space. 


    Concrete Driveways

    Because concrete is so versatile, durable, and easy to maintain, it’s a natural choice for residential and commercial driveways. A concrete driveway indicates quality construction from the first glance at your property’s exterior. And at Concrete Contractors WA, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality concrete driveways for property owners throughout Seattle, WA.


    Concrete Walkways

    Concrete is tough, durable, and surprisingly versatile; and concrete walkways are a smart and affordable way to add beauty and function to any outdoor living space or landscape. At Concrete Contractors WA, we install top-quality concrete walkways for our valued clients in Seattle, WA.


    Stamped Concrete

    Concrete Contractors WA also specializes in stamped concrete performance projects. These unique and original ground-made designs are undeniably rising in the market for their popularity and aesthetic value. Every home will soon have stamped concrete designed patios and driveways.

    Our List Of Services That seattle concrete contractors offers

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