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How to Seal Concrete?

Here in Seattle, WA. and surrounding areas, we experience long cold winters and long hot summers. Summer beats up on your concrete & Winter knocks it out…no wonder it’s starting to pit, pop, crack, and flake. The Concrete Protector works by penetrating into the pores of the concrete and then creates a protective barrier. Economical, …

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Concrete Repair Products

No matter how well a concrete driveway is constructed originally, it eventually will need maintenance to keep it performing as intended. There are several products that can be purchased and used by homeowners that make driveway maintenance and repair a quick and easy job. These products include crack sealers, pre-mixed concrete bags, and pressure washers. …

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Innovative Concrete Stamping Ideas in Washington

Concrete Stamping Ideas in Washington Stamping concrete is the best approach for your requirements to simulate the feel and look of conventional rock, brick, or pavement and never having to spend much. There are rubber shapes that establish the impact of genuine rock because of this objective. There are also predesigned designs for materials including …

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